Run a Command on Download

Run a predefined external command upon download completion.

setting value description version
command string command to execute (passed to the shell) git master branch


One might want to run an external program on episode download (refresh a player’s database or enqueue the episode, flash a red lamp, etc.). This extension makes it possible to execute any command, providing episode’s details as environment variables.


  1. In the Extensions tab under Preferences, check “Run a Command on Download” (in the “Post Download” section).
  2. In the Advanced Configuration (Edit Configuration button), define the extensions.command_on_download.command entry to the command you want to run.

I advise you to write a wrapper script if the command is a bit long. You can also directly edit $GPODDER_HOME/Settings.json to refine your command.

Available Environment Variables

Check the extension’s code for the most up to date list, but there are curently:

Environment variables are accessed with a dollar sign ($filename) on Linux, or two percent signs (%filename%) on Windows.

Example Commands


zenity --info --width=600 --text="file=$filename podcast=$podcast title=$title published=$published section=$section playlist_title=$playlist_title"

displays all variables in a dialog window (requires zenity).

Cross Platform

python -c "import os;import gi; gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0'); from gi.repository import Gtk; win = Gtk.Window(); l = Gtk.Label(label='{filename} downloaded'.format(**os.environ)); win.add(l); win.connect('delete-event', Gtk.main_quit); win.show_all(); Gtk.main()"

opens a window with the download path.

Enqueue in MPD

mpc add "$filename"
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