iPod Touch


gPodder may require you to jailbreak your iPod. This is due to restrictions set by Apple. To find out how to do this, click here. Additionally, you’re gonna have to install libgpod v0.6.0 or newer.


  1. Jailbreak your iPod touch (tested with iPod touch 1G and Firmware 3.1.3)
  2. Open Cydia and install OpenSSH and MobileTerminal (see the “OpenSSH Access How-To” and “Root Password How-To” sections there)
  3. Change your root password (e.g. by logging in as “root” with password “alpine” via SSH and using “passwd” to change the root pw)
  4. Install ipod-convenience from the Ubuntu repositories (you can also manually mount your iPod via SSHFS)
  5. See also: iPhone help for Ubuntu
  6. Mount your iPod via sshfs or GVFS (Ctrl+L in Nautilus, then ssh://root@ipod/var/mobile/Media/)
  7. Sync to the mountpoint via gPodder (with the “ipod” sync method)

Alternate How-To

Users of Ubuntu >= 10.04 may be able to avoid jailbreaking their iPods by following the instructions here for syncing with GTKpod and using /mnt/ipod.


What’s currently supported

What’s not working quite right yet


Q: My new podcasts don’t show up in the podcast menu!

A: Unmount your iPod before you go look for them. If you have installed ipod-convenience, just do ‘iphone-umount’ or ‘ipod-touch-umount’ in a terminal.

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