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These are instructions to subscribe to user channels in YouTube - post June 2015.

Why do I need to do this?

There is no more transparent relation between user name and RSS feed. gPodder needs to use the google YouTube API to convert the user name (e.g. Pentadact) to an RSS feed (e.g. To do so, it must provide an API key to google to be granted access to the API. There are quotas in place for each key, so the gPodder devs can’t simply give a key for everyone to use. Everyone has to get their own.

How do I do it ?

We will follow

  1. You need a google account (your gmail address).
  2. Go to
    • Login with your google account.
  3. Click the button Create a project
    • Name it whatever you want (e.g. gPodderAPI)
  4. Go to API & auth > APIs
    • Search for / click on YouTube Data API
    • Click Enable
  5. Go to API & auth > Credentials
    • In the Public API access section, click on the create new key button
    • Choose Browser key
    • Don’t enter anything in the HTTP referers text area
    • Click the Create button
  6. Your API key appears.
    • Copy the long string of letters and numbers
  7. Open gPodder 3.8.4 or later
    • Activate the Extras > Update YouTube subscriptions menu item
    • Click YES to enter your API key
    • Paste your API key in the Youtube api key (v3) field.
    • Close the settings window.
    • Activate the Extras > Update YouTube subscriptions menu item again.
  8. You’re done
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